Andy Warhol, Perrier - White 1993


Dimensions: Height: 23.63 in (60 cm)Width: 23.04 in (58.5 cm)

Height: 23.63 in (60 cm)Width: 23.04 in (58.5 cm)
Vendor: Andy Warhol

"Andy Warhol, Perrier - White, 1993" is a captivating piece of art that encapsulates Warhol's distinctive style and his fascination with consumer culture. Created in 1993, this work features the iconic Perrier logo against a crisp white background, emblematic of Warhol's minimalist approach.

In typical Warhol fashion, the Perrier logo is rendered with bold, vibrant colors, giving it a pop art allure that is both eye-catching and memorable. The use of stark white as the backdrop accentuates the simplicity and elegance of the design, allowing the viewer to focus on the iconic logo itself.

Through this artwork, Warhol transforms a mundane everyday object into a symbol of modernity and consumerism, inviting viewers to reconsider the significance of familiar brands in contemporary society. "Andy Warhol, Perrier - White, 1993" serves as a testament to Warhol's enduring influence on the intersection of art, commerce, and popular culture, leaving an indelible mark on the world of modern art.

About The Artist:

The name of American artist Andy Warhol is all but synonymous with Pop art, the movement he helped shape in the 1960s. He is known for his clever appropriation of motifs and images from popular advertising and commercials, which he integrated into graphic, vibrant works that utilized mass-production technologies such as printmaking, photography and silkscreening. Later in his career, Warhol expanded his oeuvre to include other forms of media, founding Interview magazine and producing fashion shoots and films on-site at the Factory, his world-famous studio in New York.

Vintage poster made for Perrier originally in 1983 (this is a later print).

Additional Information

Height: 23.63 in (60 cm)Width: 23.04 in (58.5 cm)