Bighorn Ram - 1983 - Original Lithograph - Limited Edition Print - 82/100 pcs. 1983


Format: 22'' x 15''

22'' x 15''
Vendor: Andy Warhol

The "Bighorn Ram - 1983" is an original lithograph, crafted in 1983 as part of a limited edition print series, with only 100 pieces in existence. This stunning artwork captures the majestic presence of a bighorn ram, a symbol of strength and resilience in the wilderness.

The lithograph portrays the bighorn ram with exquisite detail and precision, showcasing its powerful horns and rugged beauty against a backdrop that evokes the rugged landscapes of its natural habitat. Each stroke of the lithograph reflects the artist's reverence for the animal's noble spirit and untamed grace.

As a limited edition print, this artwork holds a special significance, offering art enthusiasts and collectors the opportunity to own a piece of timeless beauty and craftsmanship. With its numbered edition (82/100), this lithograph stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of nature's wonders and the artistry that seeks to capture them for generations to come.

About The Artist:

The name of American artist Andy Warhol is all but synonymous with Pop art, the movement he helped shape in the 1960s. He is known for his clever appropriation of motifs and images from popular advertising and commercials, which he integrated into graphic, vibrant works that utilized mass-production technologies such as printmaking, photography and silkscreening. Later in his career, Warhol expanded his oeuvre to include other forms of media, founding Interview magazine and producing fashion shoots and films on-site at the Factory, his world-famous studio in New York.

ANDY WARHOL – Bighorn Ram Rare and limited 1980s edition by Georges Israel Editeur Paris/Leo Castelli New York Only 100 copies total (here 82/100). Original lithograph on handmade Arches paper incl. watermark.

Signed in plate.

Edition hand numbered in pencil.

With Georges Israel Editor blind stamp on the bottom left. With Leo Castelli New York ink stamps verso.

Format: 56 x 38 cm (22'' x 15'')

Condition: Excellent.

Previously unframed and stored away from light.

The artwork will be carefully handled and packaged in a flat, stable cardboard package. Registered shipping with tracking number via DHL (Europe), FedEx or UPS (overseas). We ship worldwide!

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22'' x 15''