"LEGENDS" Kobe & M.J. Tribute Artwork by Sarah Rasul


Size: Size 21 x 30

Size 21 x 30
Vendor: Bel Air Vue

Comparing Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan is akin to examining two titans of basketball, each leaving an indelible mark on the sport's history. Jordan, the original maestro, set the standard with his unparalleled athleticism, clutch performances, and six NBA championships. Bryant, a disciple of Jordan's greatness, mirrored his idol's intensity, work ethic, and scoring prowess, amassing five NBA titles of his own.

Prints are produced on heavy weight archival paper and are hand signed by the artist. Each print comes with a 1” white border for easy framing. The 1” border is added onto the actual “Print Size” you choose. All prints come professionally packaged in heavy weight tubing.

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Size 21 x 30