Levitating Cup + Base

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Vendor: Bel Air Vue

The elegant Levitating Cup is equal parts sculpture, machinery, and functional drinkware. Featuring a single drinking glass (don't worry, it's imitation glass that won't break if it falls) along with a sleek and simple wooden base, the integrated electromagnetic suspension system lets the glass hover just above the base all on its own— perfect for keeping your spirits lifted, so to speak.

Just plug it in, hold the cup above the base, and watch as it moves and locks into place. Once it's in position, release it, and watch as it floats weightlessly in mid-air. Now all you have to do is pour in your favorite drink while it's hovering - hands free - and marvel in the magic.

Product Details
  • Colors: Clear, Wooden
  • Materials: Wooden Base, ABS Cup
  • Origin: China

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year
— Shatterproof Faux Glass Cocktail Cup
— Wooden Electromagnetic Base
— Use For Cocktails, Wine, Whiskey Etc.
— Cup: 4"H x 2.5"D; Capacity: 12oz
— Base: 2"H x 5"D
— Power Source: AC Adapter
— Total Weight: 2.86 lbs

Can you remove the glass from it's base and drink from it?

Yes, the cup can be removed and used for drinking.

Is there a cordless version of this product?

Unfortunately, we do not have a cordless version of this item.

Do you sell individual glasses in case I break the one that comes with it?

We do not sell glasses separately.

Will this product float with liquid in the glass?

Yes, this item will levitate with liquid.

Can the base be used with any other glass?

We do not recommend using any glass other than the one included with this item.

Can you put hot liquids in it?

This item can hold hot liquids.

How high above the base does it hover?

The levitating gap is approximately 15-20mm from the base.

Can you use ice cubes in the floating cup?

Yes, you can use ice cubes in the cup.

How does it work?

Below is the operation :
1. Place the levitate base on an absolutely horizontal surface
2. Connect the power
3. Hold the cup with your two hands and put your little fingers on the base as underprops and move it vertically downwards the center of the base.
4. Make the cup approach the center of the base slowly and move it towards left and right or front and back to try to get the levitation point.
5. When you feel a strong force which is holding the cup form the base, this position is the levitation place which is about 15-20mm over the base. At this moment release the cup gently.

Can you put the glass in the dishwasher?

The cup can be washed with water, but the bottom magnet cannot be put in the dishwater.

Does it make a noise?

No, it does not make noise.

Is the base waterproof?

Yes, it's waterproof, but you can't put the base in water directly.

Can the cup stand on its own on a table when its full of liquid or does it always have to be in the levitation base?

The cup can stand on its own without being on the levitating platform.

What's the shelf life of the magnet?

It can work about 3-5 years. If properly taken care of, it should last even longer than that.

How much liquid weight can it hold?

It holds about 450g max.

Does it spill the drink if the power fails or if it is accidently unplugged?

Yes, the cup will fall if unplugged or if power fails.

How stable is the base/glass? If the table gets bumped how likely will the glass fall off?

The base and glass are quite stable when aligned. A small bump should not make the glass fall, though a large bump may cause it to fall.

Will the electromagnets in the base affect any electronics that come near it?

This should not be strong enough to damage electronics. However, to be safe, you should avoid extremely close contact with other devices with the electromagnet (i.e. just don't put the electromagnetic base face down onto, say, your backup hard drive).

Where can you order replacements? Can you order replacement glass?

Unfortunately, we do not sell replacements at this time.

Can it work on 220V?

Yes, it can work on 220V.

What if condensation drips on the base? Does it malfunction?

No, it will not malfunction if condensation drips on the base.

Can liquid be poured into the glass before synching with the base?

Yes, liquid can be poured into the glass before synching with the base.

How long is the power cord?

The power cord is about 1.2M.

Can the glass be placed in the fridge to keep cold for beer?

Yes, you can put the glass in the fridge to keep it cold.