Wealth's Palette


Size: 20" x 10"

20" x 10"
30" x 15"
40" x 20"
48" x 24"
Vendor: Bel Air Vue

In the center of a sprawling canvas adorned with bold strokes of red, white, and black, lies the focal point of the composition—a captivating juxtaposition of symbolism. "Money is Power" is emblazoned in bold, RED letters, hovering prominently against the abstract oil artistry that swirls around it.

The painting invites the viewer into a contemplative exploration of the interplay between wealth and the abstract notions of color and form. At first glance, the vibrant hues of red, stark whites, and deep blacks command attention, evoking a sense of dynamism and intensity. Splashes of red may suggest passion, urgency, or even the fervor of ambition, while the contrasting white and black hues hint at the duality of human desires and struggles.


  • Depth: 1.5 inches Gallery Depth
  • Art Medium: Hand-painted + Digital Art
  • Hardware: Hooks for hanging
  • Presentation: Gallery Wrapped
  • Delivery Time: 6 to 7 business days*

Description: This artwork features a 1.5-inch gallery depth, providing depth and dimensionality to the piece, enhancing its presence when displayed. The combination of hand-painted and digital art techniques ensures a unique and captivating aesthetic, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern digital innovation.

Gallery wrapping ensures that the artwork is seamlessly stretched and secured around the edges of a sturdy wooden frame, allowing for immediate display without the need for additional framing. The gallery wrapping technique also provides a clean and contemporary presentation, making the artwork appear finished and polished from all angles.

Delivery of the artwork is expedited, with an estimated timeframe of 6 to 7 business days*, allowing you to receive and enjoy your artwork promptly.

*Delivery time may vary depending on location and shipping method selected.

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20" x 10", 30" x 15", 40" x 20", 48" x 24"