Red Light - Cold Laser Therapy Massager // 4 Pack + 40 Hydrocolloid Adhesive Patches

Vendor: Bel Air Vue

Fight pain without interrupting your day with the IASO Red Light Cold Laser Therapy Massager. This wearable, hands-free device takes care of the discomfort and pain in your neck, shoulders, back, wrists, legs, knees, ankles, and feet without any drugs or adverse side effects so you can focus on the task at hand.

The IASO is equipped with advanced low level laser therapy (LLLT) technology to help stimulate healing and manage pain. Commonly referred to as cold laser therapy, LLLT utilizes a laser with a 500mW wavelength or lower, which does not heat body tissue or cause damage. This low intensity red light triggers a physiological reaction in the damaged cells that ultimately causes regeneration and relief from pain. Clinical research has shown LLLT to help with both chronic and acute pain relief and treatment. In particular, the 600 nm-1000 nm laser wavelength effectively works for pain relief, blood flow improvement, vasodilation, lymph node stimulation, and cell activation.

The IASO massager was developed specifically for daily home use, and emits dual wavelengths in 650nm and 830nm. It offers 3 different modes that you can easily cycle through by clicking the single button on the device. It also includes hydrocolloid patches and an activity band so you can wear it comfortably anywhere you experience pain.

Use light therapy on its own, or combine it with the vibration modes to help ease away pain and tight muscles. Compact, lightweight, and portable, IASO is the perfect personal massager for on the go use as well. Simply use the included adhesive patches or activity band and enjoy pain-relieving massage anywhere.

This bundle includes four IASO devices and 40 disposable Hydrocolloid Adhesive Patches, along with the wearable activity band, USB charging cradle, and a portable tray.

  • Colors: White
  • Materials: Polycarbonate
  • Measurements: 1.9"L x 1.9"W x 0.5"H
  • Origin: South Korea

— Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year

— 4 IASO Devices
— 40 Hydrocolloid Adhesive Patches
— 1 Activity Band
— 1 Charging Cradle
— 1 USB Cable
— 1 Portable Tray

IASO Device
— Cold Laser Therapy Massager
— Drug-free, Non-Invasive Pain Relief
— Hands-Free, Wearable Design
— Compact, Lightweight, & Portable
— 3 Modes: Light Therapy Only, Light Therapy & Vibration, Light
Therapy & Rhythmic Vibration
— FDA-Registered
— HSA/FSA Eligible
— Laser Medium: Laser GaAlAsP (Gallium-Aluminium-Arsenide-PhosPhorus) Diode
— Laser Class: 3R (Low-level laser)
— Laser Wavelength: 650nm, 830nm
— Laser Power: Max 5.0mW / Max 3.6mW
— Output Type: Continuous
— Emission Time: 30 min± 10%
— Vibrator: 3000 rpm (Fixed type)
— Battery 3.7V, 260mAh, 0.962Wh (Li-Polymer)
— Charging Port: 5V/2A Micro USB
— Charging Cable Input Power Source: 100-220V
— Charging Cable Output Power Source: 5.0V, 2,000mA (Micro USB)
— Charging Time: 45 Minutes
— Operation Time: 90 Minutes In Mode 1
— Weight: 28g

Hydrocolloid Adhesive Patches
— Hydrocolloid / Highly Adhesive
— Designed For All Ages And Skin Types
— NOT A Medical Band
— Made In Korea